eating healthy
May 25, 2017

Does Eating Healthy Make You Hungry? 5 Ways to Combat that Feeling

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to feel like the “Very Hungry Caterpillar,” compelled to munch through every morsel in your path seeking to feel full. Yet, many people say they don’t feel satisfied when they freshen up their meals with leafy greens and less processed foods. Sound familiar? (more…)
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cross training
May 22, 2017

Mix it up- Cross Train Your Way to Better Fitness!

In some circles, there seems to be growing pressure for athletes of all ages to focus on one sport and one sport only. In this era of youth travel teams with high-pressure try-outs and far-flung tournaments and adult endurance sports that demand tight budgeting of both time and money, being…
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post-workout pain
May 16, 2017

Hurts So Good- 3 Ways to Determine If Your Post-Workout Pain is a Problem

Have you ever walked into the gym and thought, “I hope my workout makes me so sore I can’t get out bed tomorrow, am late for work and lose my best client?” Hopefully not! But, with all the myths out there regarding post-workout soreness and “feeling the burn,” no one…
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pause reps
May 12, 2017

Wait a Sec! Simple Pauses in Your Reps Mean Big Strength Gains

A few seconds of a whole lotta nothin’, that’s all it takes to transform the way you lift weights. Just slowing things down and taking time to pause during a strength move, or before one, can help you maximize your power, make significant strength gains and sculpt your muscles. Taking…
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nightshade vegetables
May 9, 2017

Welcome to the Dark Side: Nightshade Veggies

We hear it all the time--eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, drink enough water, get the right amount of sunshine. These healthy recommendations seem pretty straightforward on the surface, but before you know it there's tons of gray areas, surprises, and, well, maybe a bit of confusion. Take nightshades for…
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healthy salsa
Healthy Recipes
May 1, 2017

Fiesta Time: 3 Different Salsa Variations for Cinco de Mayo!

When it comes to snacks and appetizers, salsa ("sauce" in Spanish) is a truly wonderful choice. It's healthy, tasty, fits in easily into almost any party spread, and is super easy to buy--and just as easy to make, too! For Cinco de Mayo, why not try making your own homemade…
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mirrior muscles
April 25, 2017

2 Reasons Why You Need to Build More Than Just “Mirror Muscles”

It’s an unfortunate fact; three out of five men will at some point in their lives suffer from a condition called mirror-muscle-itis. Focusing solely on the muscles that “look the best” will only result in negative issues like poor athletic performance, potential injury, chronic pain and postural instability. (more…)
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amazing abs workout
Fitnessworkout tips
April 24, 2017

Abs On Fire: The Ultimate Fat Burning Abs Workout

It's time for an awesome abs workout! If you're looking for a speedy session that will make your abs burn, you've come to the right place. (more…)
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cardio exercise 2
April 14, 2017

Cardio Exercise: Before Or After Lifting Weights?

What happens when you ask 10 different people about the best workout program? You guessed it: You'll probably get 10 different answers. Some people like using free weights while other like machines. Some like to take classes to get their cardio exercise. Other people would rather do their own thing…
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setting fitness goals
Health and Fitness
April 13, 2017

Train with a Purpose and Reach Your Fitness Goal

There are stories of astounding fitness transformations that can leave you as breathless as an elliptical set on high. You’d like a piece of that sweet success, but know you won’t get there by going straight to dessert. So, how can treat yourself to transformation? You need a fitness goal.…
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